Cataloging in SPARK

PaILS Cataloging Procedures

Copy templates in v2.9

How to Search –SPARK Cataloging Video #1

How to Merge–SPARK Cataloging Video #2

Importing Via Z39.50 SPARK Cataloging Video #3

Overlaying Using Z39.50–SPARK Cataloging Video #4

Adding a new item to the catalog

Adding copy notes

Merging bib records in Evergreen

Monograph Parts

OPAC Icons

v2.9 Record Bucket Record Query Help Page

York County (PA) Library System Item Records Management- Basics

York County (PA) Item Records Management- Advanced

Contacting Support

Contacting SPARK Support

Contacting Equinox Support

Workflows in SPARK

Adding an Address Alert in SPARK

PaILS Permissions as of September 2016

Getting Started with Reports in SPARK

Setting Library Closed Dates

List of Report Templates Available in SPARK with Descriptions

Other Resources for SPARK/Evergreen

Getting Started With Evergreen is a short guide to using Evergreen provided by Equinox as a companion to their training. The password to view the information is equinoxtraining. It includes a how-to overview of Circulation and Cataloging tasks, as well as information on using and creating Holds. Created by Equinox Software staff for Equinox customers.

Official documentation for Evergreen v2.11: written and maintained by the Documentation Interest Group (DIG)

York County (PA) SPARK Training  Manual Basic

Basic Evergreen Terms

Staff Client v2.11 Download Instructions

2.9 Evergreen Offline Transactions

Lackawanna Receipt Printing — Instructions from Lackawanna for Epson TM-T88xxx Receipt Printer setup

SPARK Items Barcodes (June 2016)

SPARK Patron Barcodes (June 2016)

SPARK Development & Enhancement Requests June 2015













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