Support and Ticketing Site Address Changing Soon

Katie Greenleaf MartinPaILS, support, System Maintenance

Be prepared, PaILS staff are in the process of moving our current support site and Help Desk software from http://support.sparkpa to an upgraded hosted server at HelpSpot.  The URL/address of the site will change to Please update your bookmarks and links to the site effective late evening July 18, or start of business July 19. There will be an … Read More

Katie Greenleaf MartinSupport and Ticketing Site Address Changing Soon

Resource Sharing Test Server soon to be version 3.3

Katie Greenleaf MartinEvergreen, Opportunity for Community, System Maintenance

SPARK has 3 servers, Production, Test, and Resource Sharing. On Wednesday, June 12, SPARK’s Resource Sharing test server will be refreshed and upgraded to present Evergreen version 3.3.1–it will likely happen in the evening, so you will be able to try it out on or after Thursday, June 13. Let support know if you want to volunteer to do some … Read More

Katie Greenleaf MartinResource Sharing Test Server soon to be version 3.3

SPARK Upgrade

lugeneSystem Maintenance

SPARK is upgrading to Evergreen v3.1.5 on Thursday September 20! To see the new features, check out the Evergreen Community’s Release notes- Evergreen 3.1 Release Notes

lugeneSPARK Upgrade