2019 Reports

2019 was an active year for PaILS members. 

Check out this list of top circulating collection titles from the combined SPARK libraries using Evergreen catalog in 2019.

Did your favorite title or author make the list?

Note: This list excludes circulation counts for things like the bathroom key or public computers that some libraries track use of using records and items.


Data accessed via the Reports Module of Evergreen is just one element that helps to tell our success stories.

Today, I ran and compiled 2019 reports to organize SPARKwide data to demonstrate the impact PaILS makes with our offering of open source software to members.


I’m thankful for the Reports Committee and for all SPARK Community participation.

Your participation helps build library relationships.  Together we increase confidence, understanding of library data, and find ways to save staff time with reports.

The templates you need for data reporting are available, or can be created if the data exists.

Let’s keep working together to find ways to use reports that make your workflows easier:

  • Ask a question by sending a message to the Reports listserv
  • Send in a support ticket detailing what the output you want from a report would look like and we’ll work on it and learn more together.


2020 Reports Plans and Ideas:

  • Project to better organize shared templates.
  • Assistance with 2019 Annual Reports: Help selecting templates and understanding report output.
  • Project to clearly define templates (or create new templates) that function best for your location(s) based on how you are set up in the system and what type of location you are.
  • Creation of new templates for cash/financial reporting sources.
  • Creation of templates for data cleanup projects.  Know that report output can only be as good as your data–some reports can be used to find outliers or errors.  Recurring reports can help meet your workflow needs.
  • Registration for Intermediate Reports Training on January 21 is full; links to attend the training will be sent before the session and the session will be recorded for those who can’t attend live.
  • Trainings, documentation, and one-on-one assistance–let SPARK Support and the Reports Committee know what is important to you.