Two Idea Tuesday

The recent closing of public libraries in PA for this short period means you are not be serving the public in traditional ways right now, but there are many great things you can do to keep engaged if you are empowered to work remotely.

Visit the PaILS/SPARK virtual meeting room to chat about ideas.  The room is open for SPARK libraries to use for collaboration or support.

Here are two ideas for Tuesday:

  • Update your staff accounts.  Add an email, a phone number, and make sure that all account information is accurate.  Assess your permission levels and make sure that your staff have the right levels.  The right level is the lowest needed to do the work.  (This will help to get us prepared for the upcoming Permissions project that the Cataloging Committee spurred at their last meeting.)
  • Create a piece of documentation.  Have a workflow you want to share?  Write it down so that someone else could be trained to do the work if you weren’t there or if staffing changed with short notice.  If it is documentation related to Evergreen, like how your staff process Pending Patrons from your Request a Library Card link, share it forward and we can add it to the knowledge books.



During this period, PaILS staff will keep the online meeting room open for virtual community and support for SPARK Libraries.  Drop in if you wish.

Working remotely doesn’t have to be isolating–support is available online–find the address and connection details in the meeting room.  There’s so much we can do when we work together.