Wednesday Work Update

Hello SPARK Libraries,

If you are working today in an environment with social distance and no in-person public services, you are one of many library workers engaging remotely.  You are appreciated and your work matters.  Thanks for being a SPARK Library.

What can you do this Wednesday?  Here are some ideas:

  • Check the links on your catalog.  Is your POWERLibrary link working as it should?  If not, go find the link you want it to point to and then submit a request telling us your catalog site and what you want it to be changed to.  While you are there, if you want to change any navigation links on the top or bottom bar of your catalog, let us know.  We’ll queue up requests for customizations and update them as the resources of the people who took our recent training allows.
  • Watch recorded Reports Trainings and learn more about reports.
  • Patron data cleanup projects.  Assess to make sure patrons are all in the profile groups used by your location.  Remove alerts or messages that have been on accounts since your migration.  Make inactive or create a plan for what you would want done in batch for expired accounts.  Check to be sure your zip codes are properly formatted, find and fix those accounts where you may have entered the wrong data in a field.  Make a plan: If you have large batch projects, let us know and we’ll queue up big projects for help from our vendor.
  • Catalog cleanup projects:  Have you looked at the fail file to see which records aren’t being accepted by AccessPA?  Do you have items without cover art?  Do you see multiple records for the same magazine or DVD or book title in our shared catalog?  Do your Digital Bookplates on production need some edits for consistency?  Make bibliographic records in our shared catalog great.  Reach out to the Cataloging listserv if you want to schedule a time to engage with others in a virtual meeting room for a Cataloging Party.  A shared catalog is a shared responsibility.
  • Create documentation for local workflows.
  • Engage with Evergreen.  Add some heat or supporting information to Evergreen bugs using your Launchpad account.  Show the community what is most important to SPARK Libraries, see our Bug Tracker.

The PaILS/SPARK online virtual meeting room is open for you to gather with other SPARK Libraries or to request support or chat about solutions all day.  Or engaged with the forums.

See listserv emails for connection details for the meeting room and username password details for recorded trainings.

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