Thrive on Thursday

Many library staff aren’t used to working remotely or in a building without the public visiting.  PaILS is keeping the online meeting room open as much as possible for remote worker support and as a gathering place if SPARK Libraries want to chat, walk through a workflow, or ask questions about our shared hosted software and its settings or capabilities.

Thrive on Thursday:

  • Explore Evergreen features, settings, and the roadmap for what’s next.
  • Export data via the reports module and plan a data normalization project.  If PaILS can help, reach out.
  • Document a bug or join in Bug Squashing week.

    Manage Columns

  • Learn something new: Configure your workstation settings to match your workflow. Highlight the Manage Columns feature.
  • Write documentation (then share): How should that process for patron registration work?  What are the steps?  Can you streamline?
  • Make a carousel for your catalog: You probably have a Newly Cataloged Titles carousel, now try creating a manual subject specific carousel from a Record Bucket