Farewell XUL; Hello 3.3

PaILS staff are hard at work on a plan and timeline for the next upgrade of SPARK’s Evergreen ILS. We are making preparations now, to be certain that it is a smooth process for our membership.

We will plan a timeline with our providers and with you so we are ready for new functionality and exciting enhancements in (likely) version 3.3.

When the upgrade happens, the XUL, aka: Evergreen’s desktop staff client, will no longer be available for use. You will delete the XUL (say goodbye) from all of your staff workstations and always use the browser based interface for actions in SPARK. Thanks to the many member libraries that have led the way and have already said farewell to the XUL and only use Webby now.

Are you currently using Webby? If not, why not? Let SPARK support know how we can help you to use the browser based interface more.

If something doesn’t work as you wish in the Web Client, please let us know. Sometimes changing a workflow is the answer and sometimes, it is a known issue that the upgrade improves. Help the SPARK community by making a list of things that you and your library still use the XUL client for. You can comment here and share it below on this blog, or contact your staff support team (Carrie and Lugene) at SPARK.

We haven’t settled on a specific date yet, but should be ready to announce the upgrade timeline at the Evergreen conference.

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